Licensing Process

I. What are the requirements to become licensed in Ohio?

For an Ohio Real Estate License, you are required to be honest, truthful, and of good reputation. You must be at least 18 years old and be sponsored by an Ohio Broker. You may not have been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude or have violated any civil laws regarding real estate within the past two years as determined by a court of law or violated any rules of the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

You are also required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent as recognized by the Ohio Department of Education if you were born after 1950. Lastly, you must have met the education requirements.

II. What are the Education Requirements for licensing?

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and completed the 120 hours of pre-licensure education including:

- 40 hours: Real Estate Principles and Practices

- 40 hours: Ohio Real Estate Laws

- 20 hours: Real Estate Appraisal

- 20 hours: Real Estate Finance

All cam be completed at multiple locations statewide, online, or mix and match to create your own schedule.

III. Where can I take my Real Estate Courses?

In Ohio pre-licensing courses need to be taken at an Institution of Higher Education. Not all schools may be approved. There are numerous schools, universities and communities that offer pre-license education around the state. Please check in advance with the educator of choice.

IV. Are online schools a good option?

This is your personal preference. Many Real Estate schools offer both online and in person classes. While online classes allow you to finish the courses at your own pace, many choose/enjoy the classroom environment. One benefit of the classroom is more interaction between the students and instructor allowing for better discussion and/or understanding the topic.

V. Do I need a sponsor to start the classes?

A sponsor is not needed to start Real Estate courses; however, you will need a sponsoring Broker before taking the state exam.

VI. How long are Ohio pre-licensure courses valid?

Pre-licensure courses are valid for 10 years.

VII. After I complete the classes, what's next?

You must be sponsored by an established Ohio Real Estate Broker.

VIII. What steps do I have to take to schedule my exam?

After completion of pre-licensure education and other requirements, you must submit an application to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing BEFORE scheduling an examination. Click Here.

IX. How much does the application cost?

An application fee of $60 made payable to the Division of Real Estate and Profession Licensing is required and must accompany an official transcript verifying successful completion of 120 hours of the required course work.

X. Where do I submit my application?

All Real Estate applications must be submitted to the Columbus, Ohio office of the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing at: 77 South High Street, 20th Floor, Columbus OH 43215-6133. Regardless of the location of your examination, the application must be sent to the Columbus office.

XI. What is considered a passing score on the exam?

The candidate must pass a two-part license exam with a minimum score of 70% on each part to meet the license exam requirements.